God’s Lost and Found

If you’re like me, you’ve lost things. Sometimes it’s something that has less value, like the pair of sunglasses I misplaced. Other times it’s something of high value, like my children (not proud of this, but it’s happened). The amount of time I spend looking for the item lost demonstrates its value to me. The sunglasses I spend a fair amount of time looking for, my child I was frantically looking for.

During one of my very first times running our youth discipleship program, Campus Missions, I had a great idea of hiding a key in the empty lot adjacent to the church. I figured if I triangulated my position I could re-find the key if no one else could. Well when no one could find the key, I re-positioned myself to where I thought the key should be and…...no key. Illustration fail. That key is probably still out there somewhere.

In Luke 15 Jesus gives three parables of lost things. The lost sheep, lost coin, and lost son; God’s lost and found department. In context, Jesus was addressing the spiritual leaders of the time who didn’t understand why He would want to hang out with “sinners and tax collectors.” Jesus made it clear to them and to us in Luke 19:10, “For the son of man came to seek and save the lost;.” Jesus allowed people access to his life to help them see the need for Him as their savior.

The same reason Jesus came is why New Life exists, to see the lost found through a personal relationship with Jesus. We desire to create services and environments that appeal to both the saved and unsaved. We want people to Encounter a living God who loves them and wants to be a valuable part of their lives. The value we place on finding lost things (people) will be demonstrated by the quantity of time and effort we put into helping them get found.

Pray and agree with us that we will see life change.


P. Justin

New Life Worship Center

Campus Pastor - Beulah