Food, Fellowship, and Beyond!

Greetings! My name is Josh Heilbrun and am the new campus pastor at the Jamestown, ND campus. I just came on staff in September and am so excited for what God is already doing; and what He will do!

I love food! I love Italian food! I love Chinese food! I love bacon cheeseburgers and corn on the cob! I love cheesecake! You get the point. Food is one of my friends and it clings on to me so tightly. Everyone loves food though and everyone needs food. Food is the fuel that we need to keep doing what we all do in life. It is essential. Food can also be used as a tool for ministry. Feed them, and they will come!

As I was reading in my Bible this week in just the first couple chapters of Acts, I found that the early church had a few key elements among their daily living. The scripture passage is found in Acts 2: 42-47. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to fellowship, sharing of meals with great joy (including the Lord’s Supper), some sold their possessions/property to help those in need, and doing this all while praising God. The result was God adding to their number daily! One or more of these things were most likely happening as they met together at any moment.

I want to focus on the food part. It mentions food a couple times in the passage about how they shared it with others. Why food? We forget, or can forget at times, the power of food when starting a relationship with one person, a couple, or family. My wife and I’s philosophy of ministry has been what I stated earlier, “Feed them, and they will come!” You could ask any one of our friends, or people we have discipled/mentored, where our timeline together started. You guessed it, over sharing a meal.

Food is a tool, and common point, used for ministering to the people that sat around them and for building those relationships. As they shared a meal, I am sure they shared all their struggles and wins in their lives. As all that happened, God would begin to work in their midst and He received all the praise and glory for it! God has laid on your heart one person, couple, or family that He wants you to start a relationship with. Not sure where to start? “Feed them, and they will come!”