Welcome (Continued) || Day 2: 21 Day Fast

21 DAY FAST || DAY 2 : JAN. 5th, 2016

As we launch our 21 day fast, I have some additional thoughts and ideas to help you navigate the days ahead.

Yesterday I wrote about two things:  First, the necessity of having a plan before you start your fast.  This will enable you to refrain from altering your fast when difficulty arises.  Secondly, be sure to write down your “Why” before you start your fast.  This will help you remain internally motivated to finish strong.

Here is another idea that has helped me immensely while I am fasting:


I have heard it said, that “Fasting without prayer is only a diet”.  There is a lot of truth to that statement.  The focus of every fast is to clear the spiritual clutter out of your life and to draw closer to God.  That is only possible if you take time to meditate on scripture every day, and to talk to the God who created you and loves you dearly.

Without a commitment to daily prayer the results you obtain from the fast will be minimal. I encourage you to write this important time into your daily schedule.

Start each day over the next 21 days reading the scriptures and worshiping God.  Then bring your requests to him in faith.  Begin to imagine how your life will look as God answers your prayers.  Wait in his presence and listen for his voice.  Write down the “revelations” and ‘insights” you receive while waiting in his presence.

Attend our nightly prayer meetings at our Beulah Campus from 4:30—6:00pm every night if possible.  We begin with an inspirational video that ignites your faith.  Then we close the meeting in prayer and agreeing for certain results—such as revival in America, and souls to be saved. (Our Bismarck and Jamestown campuses also have certain days scheduled for prayer during the fast).

Paul S. Rees stated:

“This can be said without presumption—the one who truly prays will have keener insight, will form sounder judgment, will evolve more intelligent plans, will achieve a greater mastery of situations, will sustain more creative relationships with people, then he ever could without prayer”.

Thank you for giving yourself to prayer and fasting over the next 21 days.  I am absolutely certain that you will not be disappointed as God shows himself strong on your behalf because of your diligence and perseverance (2 Chronicles 16:9).

God Bless,

Pastor Ron Enget

Lead Pastor, New Life