FINISHED || 21 Day Fast

FINISHED || 21 DAY FAST :  JAN. 25, 2016


Congratulations!  We have successfully completed our 13th Annual 21 Day Fast!

Get ready for a season of miracles, healings and supernatural answers to prayer!

This weekend we will enjoy the ministry of Scott Willis in Beulah at NLWC!  The meetings begin Friday night, January 29th at 6:30 pm and continue Saturday at 11:00am and 6:30 pm.  Finally, the meetings conclude on Sunday after we enjoy God’s presence together at 8:30 am, 10:00 am, and again at 6:30 pm (Video Café Service will be combined with the Celebration Service).

I believe these meetings will be marked with the supernatural power of God being displayed—with much joy and freedom.  If at all possible, I encourage you to not miss even ONE service—and bring somebody with you!

I have some exciting news!  We are able to offer TWO MATCHING DONORS of up to $130,000 each for our Bismarck Building Breakthrough offering (Sunday, January 31st at NLC in Bismarck, February 7th at NLWC in Beulah, and February 3rd at NLC in Jamestown!)

This means that every dollar given on or before July 31st will be matched twice!  So a $100 gift guarantees $300 given for the building!  $1,000 guarantees $3,000 will be given for the building!  $5,000 guarantees $15,000 will be given for the building! 

Wow!  Talk about getting a big impact for every dollar given!

The downside is this—for every dollar up to $130,000 we fail to raise by July 31 will mean that three dollars will be defaulted—that will not and cannot go—towards our new building!

What a tragedy if we have this once in a lifetime opportunity and do not take full advantage of it!

Will you believe with me that more than $130,000 will be raised in cash and matched twice by July 31 equaling $390,000 towards our Bismarck Building?  (This amount added with what we raised last year will give us a total of $520,000 by July 31!)

Let’s not let this opportunity pass us by!  I have extreme confidence that everyone will listen to God—and commit to a faith promise that will stretch their faith.  God will more than make it up to everyone!  We’ll never get hurt putting His Kingdom first! God guarantees it.

This has been a great time of getting closer to God and hearing his voice! Tune your ear once again to hear what God wants you to do for this special offering.  Just listen and obey!  Let us know what your commitment is on Breakthrough Sunday.  Then together with God’s help we will fulfill them with cash offerings on and before July 31!

The Best is Yet to Come!

God Bless!

Pastor Ron Enget || Lead Pastor, New Life