Open Rewards || Day 11 : 21 Day Fast



1. It is an expected discipline of followers of Jesus   (Matthew 6:16…When you fast…)

2. Fasting is a tool for cleansing the whole person

3. Fasting helps heal our emotions and toxic mental conditions

4. Fasting assists in expelling toxins from our bodies

5. Fasting has initial side effects that are not pleasant

6. Fasting can cause your health to return speedily

7. Fasting can add years to your life

8. Fasting is the primary way of humbling ourselves

9. Fasting with prayer can bring a stop to judgment

10. Fasting adds power to prayers when dealing with the demonic realm

11. Fasting helps us receive heaven’s favor and strategies when facing a mammoth task

12. Fasting can bring divine protection when in a dangerous situation

13. Fasting helps us receive solutions to colossal problems when we don’t know what to do

14. Fasting brings rewards from God

15. Fasting helps leaders identify the call of God on others’ lives

16. Fasting can advance your success by many years

17. Fasting can bring defeat to your worst enemies

18. Fasting can bring restoration of things that were lost or stolen

19. Fasting heightens our sensitivity to revelation from the Holy Spirit

20. Fasting can take you from desolation to high success and productivity

21. Fasting sets up an environment for the presence of God to permeate your life

22. Fasting can launch a genuine Holy Ghost revival, complete with supernatural gifts

23. Fasting, like fire, brings impurities to the surface (personally and corporately)

24. Fasting prepares us to receive more from God

25. Fasting is not starvation, a hunger strike, or a religious diet

26. God will honor whatever you can do.

27. Fasting helps us recapture our hunger for God

28. Fasting helps us intercede for others more powerfully

29. Fasting does not make God love us more; does not build our faith—instead it helps us realize God’s love for us and for others, and seems to increase our ability to receive from God.

30. Fasting brings to the surface our deeply rooted fears and anxieties about our future and our security, and the things that have affected our decision-making process 

31. Fasting helps cut through all superficiality

32. Fasting can bring a change in the moral rot of an entire nation, when God’s people fast

Write some of these down on the list of expectations you have for the 2016 fast. Everyday pray your list. We cause things to change in our world as we fast and pray. Take time every day to combine Bible Meditation and Prayer with your Fasting. God promises to REWARD US OPENLY!      

Pastor Ed Langeliers, Jr.

Executive Pastor NLWC