Fasting Declarations || Day 18 : 21 Day Fast

WELCOME TO THE 21 DAY FAST || DAY 18 : JAN 21, 2016

I want to share some Bible truths that I have found to declare during this fast.

I intend to continue to declare them on a regular basis.  One of the most effective ways to win at spiritual warfare is to declare Bible Truths on a regular basis!

I declare out loud:

“God promises rewards to those who fast."
"The open rewards of fasting include blessing, abundance, favor and prosperity."
“Lord, I believe in the power of Your chosen fast (Is. 58).
- Let my fasting destroy the yokes that the enemy has set up against me.
- Let Your light come into my life.
- Let health, healing and miracles be released in my life,
- Let me see breakthroughs of salvation and deliverance in my life through Your chosen fast.
- Let Your power and authority be released in my life. I drive every stubborn demon out of my life.
- Let every assignment of hell against me be broken—all pride, rebellion and witchcraft operating in my life will be destroyed through Your chosen fast."

Declare the blessings of God in your life:

- "I humble my soul through fasting; let Your favor exalt me.
- Let Your anointing increase in my life.
- Let me enjoy restoration.
- Let Your covenant blessing and mercy be released on me.
- Nothing is impossible with You, Lord. Let my impossibilities become possibilities through Your chosen fast.
- Let my prayers be answered speedily. Guide me and manifest Your glory to me."
(Search John Eckhardt for more excellent declarations.)

When we combine fasting and declaration we will see amazing results.  Fasting supercharges our declarations and prayers!  Keep up the good fight. 

Finish Strong!          

Pastor Ed Langeliers, Jr

Executive Pastor | New Life Worship Center