Removing the Road Noise || Day 9 : 21 Day Fast

21 DAY FAST || DAY NINE : JAN. 12, 2016


I love road trips.

Jumping in the car with the family, gathering the snacks (mmmm…), selecting the best music...and we’re off. Cruise set. Windows UP (because it is -10 degrees outside - yay ND)! Life is good.

As I was thinking about fasting, I thought about road trips. Not the good-tasting bad-for-you gas station food, but about a minor detail called “road noise”. Most of the time, road noise is subtle. But if you pay attention, you can definitely notice it - maybe you have already. I realize it most when I am listening to some form of audio (music, the radio, audio-books, etc.). I have the volume set to a pleasant decibel at the start of the trip, and then it happens… The soft-purr from the tires on the road almost becomes a dull roar as I bring the car to traveling speed. My dog in her crate behind me breathes excitedly. My boy laughs playfully from the car seat in the back. My wife snores beside me...just kidding...don’t tell her I said that! :) It’s in this moment, when I find myself straining to hear the audio from the car’s speakers that only moments before was clear and defined.

A life in Christ can often be a lot similar. His voice is “clear and defined” at first, but if we are not careful, it can easily become faint/cluttered with the road noise of life. I believe fasting gives us an incredible opportunity to slow down, remove some of the road noise and allow God’s voice to be heard clearly in our lives again.

I love the simplicity of John 10:27 (where Jesus portrays Himself as the Shepherd, and His people as the sheep):

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

God is speaking. If it’s hard to hear, maybe it’s because of excess road noise. Today, let’s do the best thing we can do when God speaks: listen.

Have a great day!

Ethan Bohn