Fasting Considerations || Day 3 : 21 Day Fast

21 DAY FAST || DAY THREE : JAN. 6, 2016

Greetings!  I trust all is well with you as we enter day three of our fast.  I realize that the first few days of any fast tend to be more difficult.  Many struggle with “caffeine” headaches and others feel tired and worn out. 

My encouragement to you is this:  don’t quit, and don’t give up!  It’s worth it to press through the difficulty.  And, it will get better!  In fact, after the first 3-5 days, those who are fasting on water only will find they get on a “spiritual high”.  Others find it becomes much easier as well.

I want to continue with some thoughts and ideas that will make your fast easier and much more effective.


  • Drink only mineral or distilled water.  Chlorinated water will mess with you physically.  Be sure to drink lots of water while fasting.  This detoxifies your body much more quickly.  Remember:  water is a faster’s best friend! 
  • When hunger pangs come, try this:  Drink a full glass or bottle of water—and watch your energy return and your hunger pangs leave.
  • Do not give in to any condemnation or self-berating if you mess up on your fast.  Fasting failures are not the indication that you need to quit.  Simply forgive yourself and move on.  Continue with joy for the remainder of days that you have for fasting and prayer.
  • Watch your mindset.  If you allow yourself to think thoughts such as, “Fasting doesn’t work for me”, or “I don’t know why I do this, nothing comes of it”—you will fail.  Whatever is not of faith is sin (Romans 14:23).
  • Reject the lies of the devil.  Embrace a mindset of faith.  Do not allow your physical condition and any difficulty to determine your mindset.  Praise God when the going gets tough.  Speak the word of God. 
  • And finally, associate with people of faith during the fast.  Attend prayer meetings.  Turn off the TV and refrain from surfing the internet.  Meeting together with people of faith during an extended fast helps you “keep the faith”.

Be encouraged as you continue with day three.  I am absolutely sure of this—the best is yet to come!

God Bless,

Pastor Ron Enget

Lead Pastor, New Life