Additional Tips || Day 7 : 21 Day Fast

21 DAY FAST || DAY 7 : JAN 10, 2016 

I trust this email finds you encouraged as we press forward on day seven of our 21 day fast!

Fasting and prayer is a challenge, but the rewards are so far greater than the pain.  Also, it is so rewarding when you press through the hard times with an attitude of faith—to find out that you begin to feel better over time as your body detoxifies—and you begin to feel closer to God and more inspired.

Days three and four were extremely difficult for me.  I was tired, weary, and my brain didn’t work.  I kept going with a full schedule knowing it would pass.  Sure enough—the next morning, day five, I felt ready to go and deeply inspired and energized.  I was so glad I didn’t quit when it was difficult!

Day six was a very good day for me as well.  Besides occasional weakness and the need to drink plenty of water, I felt “almost normal”.  I have felt a distinct increase of faith recently as I pushed through a very difficult couple of days before the breakthrough!

Below are some additional tips and thoughts that will make the remainder of your fast much easier:

  • If you get dizzy, your electrolytes are probably low.  Drink some Gatorade and you will feel better.  This usually happens at some point for those over 60 years of age.
  • If you have fasted for three days or more, and your plan is to switch to a Daniel fast or something similar, remember that it is very harmful to start eating full blast right away.  Take it very easy and introduce new foods a little at a time for many days.  Also be sure to eat smaller amounts and allow your metabolism to catch up.
  • Remember, God is calling us to a 21 day fast, not a 7 or 14 day fast—so stay with the plan you wrote down before the fast began.
  • At the end of 21 days of fasting, do not break your fast with a large meal.  You could experience some very severe physical problems as a result.  Again, go easy and eat only soft foods that a baby would eat—and only small portions for many days.
  • Matthew 6:17, 18 tells us that when we fast, God will reward us openly. Every year we have testimonies after the fast of how God has supernaturally intervened in people’s lives because of their fast.  An “open reward” is something that is so good and so large that everyone sees it and notices it! 

Be encouraged as you press on!  Fight the good fight of faith! (1 Timothy 6:12)

Pastor Ron Enget

Lead Pastor, New Life