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1st - 5th Grade discipleship group

Join us as we travel through the 66 books of the Bible. This group begins Sunday, February 11, at 8:30am at New Life Worship Center. 

Call Laura Beth for more information or to sign up for this group: 701-870-0657.

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CREW Youth ChurcH

Infused with energy, CREW Youth Church is New Life's student ministry for grades 6-12! CREW features high-energy services with great music and relevant messages. Our student center is designed to be a safe place for teens to hang out with friends as they enjoy a variety of games. CREW students also participate in drama, music, and outreaches.

We meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm at New Life Worship Center. For more information, please call 701-278-3857.

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DANIEL: LIves of Integrity, Words of Prophecy

Join us as we study Beth Moore's "Daniel," a faith-building study of prophecy, and learning how to shine for Christ in our modern culture. Just as the prophet Daniel faced unbelievable pressures to compromise his faith, to live in a hostile culture, and confront temptations and threats, today's believers face many of the same trials. 

Group meets Thursdays at 6:30pm at the New Life Worship Center Office (902 Hwy 49 N), starting February 8. Sign up to be a part of this group below. 

Leader: Eunice Sayler

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Do you pray as often and as boldly as you want to? There is a way to experience a deeper, more passionate, persistent, and intimate prayer life. This 40 day prayer challenge is going to change your life. In fact, the next 40 days have the potential to dramatically alter the rest of your life! Join us as we experience the power of bold prayer and even bolder faith in Draw the Circle. 

This group will meet on Thursday evenings at Pastor Ed and Jean Langeliers' home (404 2nd Ave SE, Beulah) at 6pm. 

Leader: Pastor Ed Langeliers

Getting a Grip on the Basics.jpg

Getting a Grip on the Basics

Join us for a study in discovering the fundamentals of your Christian faith. This is a Christian essentials small group for all people. We start Tuesday, February 13, at 6:30pm at New Life Worship Center. 

Leader: Tami Heidelberger


Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ)

JBQ – It’s not just a game – it’s Faith for a Lifetime. JBQ stands for Junior Bible Quiz. JBQ = FUN! In a fast-paced race to the buzzer, two competing teams try to win as many points as they can as they answer questions about the Bible and its teachings. All questions and answers come from the official Bible Fact-Pak.

We meet Sundays at 12pm at New Life Worship Center. If your child is interested in participating, please sign up using the link below.

Leader: Greta Sago

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Patriots Small Group

Join us as we take a look at the untold story of our nation's history.  

This group starts Wednesday, January 29, at 6:30pm. We meet at New Life Worship Center. Sign up below.

Leader: Wayne Sayler

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Planet Shakers

Planet Shakers is an exciting kid-centered program. Children from 1st to 5th grade are welcome to join us and play games, learn God's Word, and win prizes! We meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm at New Life Worship Center. No sign up necessary. 

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Praying together is a vital key to opening God's presence and work among His people. Join us while we seek God in prayer to encounter his presence and see our communities impacted.

This group will meet from 6:30pm - 8pm every Wednesday from February 7 - April 18. Families and kids are welcome.

To sign up, fill out the form linked below. 

Leaders: Pastor Justin and Jennifer Werven

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Prophetic Ministry

Everyone interested in the Prophetic or have been a part of the Prophetic small group in the past, is welcome to join us for dessert and fellowship. We meet the second Sunday of each month, at 2pm, in the Fireside Room. Sign up below.


The Results, Effects, and Rewards of Obedience

Join us on Wednesdays in the Main Sanctuary at New Life Worship Center. This group will teach you about the results, effects, and rewards of obedience.

"To obey is better than sacrifice," 1 Samuel 15:22.

For more information about this group, or to sign up, please call Glenn at 701-880-8826.

Leader: Glenn Crowe

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Would you like a deeper relationship with the Lord? Come receive spiritual coaching so you can grow in intimacy with God and Holy Spirit anointing. We will help you consistently work your way up to taking at least one hour a day to build an intimate relationship with God. 

Just as you train physically through exercise and discipline, spiritual coaching will help you train your spirit man. The Bible says that physical exercise is profitable, but spiritual exercise is even better (1 Timothy 4:8)! 

This group will meet at New Life Worship Center in the Fireside Room. Days and time to be determined based on interest. 

Leader: Pastor Ed Langeliers